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APB completes acquisition of Indonesia’s Bintang Beer

APB completes acquisition of Indonesia’s Bintang Beer, Heineken Brouwerijen B.V. PT Multi Bintang Indonesia Tbk, MBI, Grande Brasserie de Nouvelle Caledonie S.A., GBNC
Asia Pacific Breweries Limited (APB) have announced the completion of its acquisitions of Heineken’s stakes in breweries in Indonesia and New Caledonia for US$347.49 million, as well as the sale of its Indian operations to Heineken for US$37.23 million.

APB has acquired Heineken International BV's 65.1% interest in PT Multi Bintang Indonesia, Tbk (MBI) and 723,120 depository receipts of MBI shares -representing approximately 3.4% interest in MBI. This includes the Bintang beer brand, including Bintang trademarks.

The Singapore-based brewer also bought Heineken’s 87.3% interest in Grande Brasserie de Nouvelle Caledonie S.A. (GBNC).

In addition, Heineken has completed its acquisition of APB’s entire issued share capital of its two wholly-owned Indian operations, Asia Pacific Breweries (Aurangabad) Private Limited and Asia Pacific Breweries-Pearl Private Limited.

In its press announcement, APB said that with its acquisitions, the company “assumes leading positions in New Caledonia and Indonesia”. It added that the addition of the Bintang and Number One beer brands now gives it “one of Asia's most coveted brand portfolio”.

APB views its entry into Indonesia, Southeast Asia's largest economy, as a critical expansion of APB's footprint in the region, while, the company's penetration into New Caledonia strengthens APB's presence in the South Pacific where it will capitalise on and access markets and opportunities for growth and future expansion.

Roland Pirmez, APB’s Chief Executive Officer, said, " Not only have we expanded our regional footprint to Indonesia and New Caledonia, we are now able to participate in the two profitable beer markets via market leaders, MBI and GBNC. More importantly, both MBI and GBNC have good track records of profitable growth which will be immediately accretive to APB's earnings."

Although it has sold its Indian beer operations to Heineken, APB assures that its flagship Tiger beer brand will continue to be made available in India, revealing that “discussions are in progress to ensure continuity of its presence there (in India).”

A Consolidated Footprint
With the conclusion of the transactions, APB is now supported by 36 brewery operations in 13 countries – including Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Thailand, New Zealand, Laos, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Indonesia and New Caledonia.

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